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Certificate of proficiency in radiation protection

In order to obtain the SSOMFS/SGORL Radiation Protection CBCT/DVT Certificate of Competence, the following conditions, which are linked to two modules, must be fulfilled according to the skills program: 


1. the first module concerns the completion of the expert course in radiation protection for CBCT/DVT SSOMFS/SGORL recognized by the BAG. This includes a short practical part (point 1 in the application form). This certificate allows to operate a CBCT/DVT unit. Information about the next course can be found under SGORL or SSOMFS.


In order to obtain the certificate of competence in radiation protection CBCT/DVT SSOMFS/SGORL, a further module has to be completed (see also the skills program). 


2. The second module, the practical training at recognized training centers, includes the preparation of approx. 20 CBCT/DVT images at a recognized training center with an accredited instructor. The application form and the skills program can be found on the SIWF homepage under Skills Certificates / Digital Volume Tomography in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Oto-Rhino-Laryngology (SSOMFS / SGORL))

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