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Malignant tumors in the maxillofacial region - especially of the oral mucosa - are the sixth most common tumor disease worldwide with an increasing tendency.

In the maxillofacial departments of Swiss hospitals, patients with malignant tumors in the head and neck region benefit from interdisciplinary care at a high level. In interdisciplinary head and neck tumor centers, specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery, otorhinolaryngology, (radio)oncology, diagnostic radiology and pathology are usually involved from diagnosis to rehabilitation.

The formation of head and neck tumor centers does not mean that patients have to enter an anonymous cancer center.


In the future, patients will continue to be cared for personally by their physician throughout the entire treatment period. Patients and their relatives will continue to have personal discussions with these caregivers. All patients are regularly presented to an interdisciplinary committee with specialists from the above-mentioned fields. Together, they decide on the optimal therapy according to the latest scientific findings.

After surgical treatment, patients receive regular follow-up care. Within the framework of the aftercare, all measures for functional as well as aesthetic rehabilitation are initiated and carried out.

Affected patients usually make an appointment through the clinic secretary for consultation hours or their family doctor or family dentist directly arranges for referral to a specialized maxillofacial surgery clinic.

In our blog you will find information about the latest diagnostic and treatment methods, the most well-known "common diseases" and news from the world of science, all about oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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