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Trauma surgery includes the treatment of all dental, jaw and facial injuries. As an exposed part of the body, the head is at particularly high risk of injury. Dental injuries, injuries of the facial soft tissues, but also bone fractures of the facial skull bones up to severe injuries in the context of a polytrauma are treated in the hospital by the oral and maxillofacial surgery team. Usually, the entrance of injured persons takes place through the emergency ward of a hospital from where doctors of oral and maxillofacial surgery are called in.

In the treatment of fractures of the facial skull, the common techniques of internal fixation of the bone are applied. This technique allows perfect correction and stabilization of the partially displaced and fractured bone fragments without causing significant impairment to the patient. The healing time is usually quite short. Minimally invasive surgical procedures are also used, which also result in a short hospital stay.

Scar correction/metal removal

After completion of the - usually inpatient - treatment, affected patients continue to receive outpatient care.

In our blog you will find information about the latest diagnostic and treatment methods, the most well-known "common diseases" and news from the world of science, all about oral and maxillofacial surgery.

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